SLS Printing service

SLS Printing service
SLS Printing service SLS Printing service SLS Printing service

SLS Printing service

SLS - Selective Laser Sintering from Advanced Prototyping

SLS Rapid Prototyping-Parts in a Fraction of the Time Versus Conventional Prototyping


Advanced Prototyping's 3D Systems Sinterstation SLS (selective laser sintering) systems directly

produce enduse parts, tooling inserts, or casting patterns from your 3D CAD data files.Eliminate

the need for machining,tooling,casting or other secondary processes and save time and money. 

This system uses fusible powder and directed laser heat to build and fuse the prototype,layer by

layer. Materials include DuraForm PA Unfilled Nylon 12, DuraForm PA Glass Filled Nylon 12. Below 

is a brief description of each material we offer,as well as a link to the specification page which  

gives the exact properties of each material used in selective laser sintering. 


SLS 3D Printing Features:

Produced selective laser sintered parts with intricate and or complex geometry's, limited

accessibility, strong materials

Consistent part quality


1.Producing consistent parts, today and tomorrow

2.Meeting the needs of rapid prototype manufacturing

Reduced costs in prototype development

Improved material recycling yields

SLS 3D Printing Applications:

1.Complex plastic prototypes and end-use parts

2.Complex tooling, parts, and prototypes

3.Complex investment casting patterns

4.Flexible, functional parts with rubber-like performance characteristics

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